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I will photograph your creations and set up your web-shop, so you can start selling your products online.

I am here for you.



This package is great if you already have your logo, professional photos of yourself, your products and/or space. I will create a clean, simple website to showcase YOU, for your clients. I can teach you how to send your first email campaign and the back end of managing your SEO


Starting at $2495


This package is great if you need a little help getting online, but you don't need an online shop. Yoga teachers, voice instructors, lesson givers, massage therapists, musicians, enthusiasts.

Starting at $3495



Starting at $4995

You have your offerings, you're ready to take your biz to the next level, you're ready for it all. I will take photos of you, product shots of your creations, life style pics of you in your space and make you a website. Let's get you up and running.

Work with Me

Creative Studio

Photography Studio

Santa Cruz California

Family Photographer

Web Design


Alicia has been an extremely huge help in growing my small business. She strategizes and presents “think outside the box” ideas that have helped tremendously for both my website & Instagram feed. Alicia built my website from the ground up, utilizing her skills & sharp eye with beautiful professional pictures and a easy flow layout for shoppers. I was most impressed with her gorgeous pictures & creative eye, her patience, listening skills, personable & kind approach, to create a website that best fit my style & esthetics for my brand. Alicia didn’t stop there, she has continued to help me with back of house technical support for my website, and has continued to bring me amazing photos that fit my brand & product style. She is a dedicated hard worker and has shown 100% dedication to me as a client.

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